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Symetra is a United States-based family of companies providing retirement plans, employee benefits, annuities and life insurance through independent distributors nationwide. The main headquarters of the company is located in Bellevue, Washington.

A former client angrily comments on, ""Symetra sucks they turn their back on you. My corporation pays them hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. However they will only pay benifits for a short period and then force people back to work early by cutting of theur payments. Complete disgrace, distgusting company, who hopefully will dropped by my corporation."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I may not be able to address your specific concern but I want to reinforce that we take employee feedback and reporting seriously. Symetra has Human Resources professionals aligned to every office and division – we want our employees to feel listened to and supported, regardless of their job level or location."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"It’s unfortunate there isn't anything positive about your experience at Symetra – that’s not something I like to hear. If there is anything specific you would like our Human Resources team to follow-up on, please contact us at"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Worst place i have ever seen for favortism"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Archaic systems, cliquey management, no communication. It's not what you know, it's who you know. People with no experience will be promoted to positions over those that have years of experience. There are no advancement opportunities. Management will lie to you repeatedly. Projects will be stolen and credit given to others. They preach about their "working family" but I'd never in my life treat my family the way they treat their employees. Run far far away. I can't recommend that enough."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I used to enjoy working for Symetra but over the last few years there have been so many changes that have severely ruined the vibe. They keep hiring or promoting people (including managers, directors, upper management) that do not have the right experience and lack of the right education. This, I found has led to a lot of corner cutting and bad decision making. Some of these bad decisions were just plain unethical. I want no part of it!"

Former Employee - Associate Customer Service Representative says

"Managers are routinely dishonest and/or disingenuous (claiming they don’t share conversations with others when they do, purposely obscuring what they mean and dropping cryptic hints, keeping secrets in an obvious way, saying something is OK and then randomly changing their minds, saying they will follow up on something and never doing so). Usually managers have no time to talk basic issues, let alone your professional development, because they’re saddled with handling a huge range of issues on top of managing 15+ people without any of the tools they need to do so properly (think outlook and excel, and that’s it). Anything not getting visibility from upper management (e.g. new product launches) is unimportant and ignored. Most people in charge of you have no idea what you actually do on a daily basis. Because of this, when there are issues, their strategy is to let things sort themselves out on their own, which means the fallout lands on you. There is blatant favoritism and senior reps can do whatever they want and get away with it. Senior people will try to railroad and bully you into doing what they want even if it’s bad for customers. If you say anything about it managers will insist it’s just their “communication style.” You will talk to 85 year old confused great grandmothers and not be able to help them because a senior person decided the issue is the customer’s fault and not worth our precious time. These same people change their mind on a dime so they can feel like they’re making important decisions and are relevant. Today it’s “YOU have to call the customer and tell them this now!” and the next day it’s “THEY are responsible for this, let’s do nothing.” They argue with each other constantly and can’t agree on basic procedures. All procedures are word of mouth, no one follows the written ones because they’re hopelessly incomplete, but expect to be blamed for it if it’s perceived you didn’t follow these imaginary procedures. Tribal knowledge is rampant. If you are in the call center, expect subpar resources. You will be given huge responsibility with little training, and simultaneously treated like you’re too unreliable to do work rather than scroll Facebook. You will get calls from customers on subjects that were never mentioned to you once in training. There is no accountability because almost everything is assigned and tracked through email and manual excel spreadsheets. QA numbers are meaningless; I’m not exaggerating, most of your call quality score comes from saying the opening and (ridiculous) closing script. Processing goals are either too easy or absurdly hard to reach. Managers make decisions about your performance based on these unrepresentative numbers and their own faulty intuition. There is no actual analysis involved. If you do hard and thorough work for customers, managers won’t notice or care. If you’re a competent person who wants to do great work and solve problems, this is probably not the place for you. “We win as a team” only applies if you go along quietly with dysfunction. “Dedicated to excellence” only applies if it doesn’t threaten any favored employees’ ability to inhibit progress as they please. If you’re prepared for the willful ignorance, absurdity, and favoritism you’ll find here, then you can probably get by for a year, build your resume, and find a place where work ethic and skill is appreciated."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- Management and Upper Management do not care for you. - No one to learn from. - Everyone is for themselves. - Employees seek out for help and management still didn’t attempt to resolve overwork. - Just think twice before applying here."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"this company is all about community until it’s inconvenient for them. give them a week to show their true colors and it will be obvious that they don’t care about you. they will drop you with no prior communication which is super disrespectful and unprofessional on all levels. the shifts suck, the management is even worse. run away from this company as fast as you possibly can. this place is not worth your time."

Short Term Disability Case Manager (Former Employee) says

"The weak managment hired me and a few temps and terminated us because they had no idea what to do with us for 2.5 weeks. Training was supposed to begin 2.5 weeks AFTER hiring and they had no idea what to do with us and disrespected us. Management would get a -10 out of 10 from me they’re an absolute mess. Wait til the welcoming party is over they’ll reveal their true colors.Nice buildingThis place sucks"

Compliance Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Symetra does not care about it's employees. The manager's aren't helpful and don't work with you. I learned that most of management has favorites who suck up to them."

Compliance Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Poor management style. Stressful work environment. A typical day consists of getting cases done in time. The manager comes by my desk and sucks the happy right out of the room."

Sr. Claims Examiner (Former Employee) says

"Their training is terrible. They line you up with a mentor who is unwilling to help you once you are out of training. They only promote their favorites. The management is terrible. They will tell you they will not set you up to fail but they mostly certainly do. They do not have time to help those that have never had STD or Absence background before. You are over worked. When you speak up about it they tell you to manage your time better. they all aNone"

claims (Former Employee) says

"Salary is low based on work expected. Management is inexperienced and catty. Over time and hours expected to work differ from what is presented in job offer. 100% quality metrics are unattainable and you will never meet expectations in a review, unless you are favored. This is a biased work environment on many levels.nothingmanagement, salary, work/life/balance non-existent, benefits"

Training Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The lack of integrity among the management and human resources division of this office is truly astonishing! And this lack of integrity has filtered down through the ranks to cause an atmosphere of distrust among the entire New Business staff.Reasonable BenefitsLack of integrity among management, lack of trust among staff"

Training Specialist, Life New Business (Former Employee) says

"The lack of integrity among the management and human resources division of this office is truly astonishing! And this lack of integrity has filtered down through the ranks to cause an atmosphere of distrust among the entire New Business staff. I have never worked in an organization where those who lie are held in high regard and those who value hard work and honesty are seen as lacking qualifications. I believe if the CEO had any idea what was going on in this office, he would be appalled! Especially since he is counting on this office to build the life business. My advice, avoid this company!Reasonable BenefitsLack of integrity among management, lack of trust among staff"

Absence Management Specialis (Former Employee) says

"poor training, poor management, favoritism abound, pay seemed reasonable until you got your caseload and job duties. keep looking.noneall"

Operations (Current Employee) says

"This place is a mess. Several reorgs have happened over the years and it just keeps getting worse. Senior management is not connected to the employees like it was under the Safeco brand name. Most have come from other companies, and make quick sweeping changes, only to change again a few months/years later. I can't emphasize this point enough: Symetra is a is okayreally bad coporate culture, things keep changing (and getting worse)"

Bilingual Short Term Disability Claims Analyst (Former Employee) says

"I started working at Symetra with the hopes of being there for years to come and possibly retiring there, but the process of the training and lack of training and what the expectations they required of us employees was sometimes overwhelming. I feel that the any company the most important thing is the best interest of the client and I know that many clients were not very happy.BenefitsLack of Management, lack of support and lack of consistency"

Sr. Financial Analyst (Former Employee) says

"While the people were friendly enough, there was a universal attitude of negativity towards management, fellow colleagues, and towards the perceived direction of the company. Symetra stifles advancement, and they allow gross incompetence, making it nearly impossible to get fired. Management is rarely engaging with subordinates, and when they are, they do not readily accept opinion or theory. Expect to be treated like a child there. If you prefer to do the bare minimum without fear of losing your job, then this is the place for you."

Software Developer (Current Employee) says

"Too much whispering, too much favoritism, too much micro-management, old IT infrastructure, some poor hires into management positions, good people leaving with alarming regularity.Location and co-workersManagement"

Case Manager (Current Employee) says

"Management is terrible. You work hard with no recognition or room for advancement. No work life balance. You have to work over time to maintain your work"

Project Manager (Current Employee) says

"My experience at Symetra has not been a good one. I work smart, I work hard and I do what I was hired to do. But there is a large amount of favoritism played by managers. The employees that never question anything and and just go the way of the herd day in and day out are the employees that a lot of managers at Symetra play favorites to. I very much believe that this is a big reason Symetra has a hard time of keeping talented employees and the company has issues keeping up with the competition.Benefits are okayInept managers"

Implementation (Former Employee) says

"Mentoring & training was insufficient despite multiple requests for better hands on training. Management does not listen to your requests and instead tries to drive you to seek employment elsewhere in lieu of terminating you. Hr team does not illustrate your concerns and complaints in your personnel file nor do they accommodate or look into your concerns per the HR policy states."

Senior Compliance Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Disorganized and ethically challenged organization. Management in the compliance and ethics departments cater to the marketing and sales departments due to the business side pressuring compliance and legal departments to do illegal and unethical activities.High SalaryTerrible management system."

STD/Absence Case Manager (Current Employee) says

"The Enfield, CT office is very demanding! You are REQUIRED to complete other co-workers task prior to completing your own. You WILL be held accountable for not meeting your goal due to it with no exceptions! In addition, peers are often written up for the lack there of & sometimes terminated. Flexible work hoursOverwhelming expectations, micromanage, favoritism, cut throat environment. Judgement based on your residency!"

Field Support Manager (Former Employee) says

"Symetra was an organization I envisioned being with until I retired. With a lack of management support and career growth, I opted to find an employer that would help guide me in the next steps of my career. The company fails to recognize internal talent. The organization has so much potential but it can't seem to get out of its own way.Work Life BalanceCareer Growth, Leadership Support"

Senior Case Manager (Current Employee) says

"Not a place for the feint of heart. Very production oriented and extremely high volume, high stress work environment. Great dedicated employees, but corporate culture is extremely dysfunctional.Great employees. Very dedicated and hard working.High stress. High turnover."

Adrian Park says

"Symetra is incredibly difficult to work with. They have no electronic presence for annuities and no email capabilities . Everything is done by mail and fax. In addition, they make it impossible to do with withdrawals. Some of the reasons they give is that the bank was not recognized. I attached a voided check from Chase bank, one of the largest banks in the world. They can\'t provide me any details at all as to why this was not sufficient. Also, they complain that my \"signatures did not match\", Maybe one day I was signing faster than another...I don\'t know. Are they doing handwriting analysis. I asked for someone to call me back and they never did. Clearly they hate their customers. "